We at Stoneshore Group know how to transform your dreams into reality – you can ask our clients. From ideas to paper, and from paper to form, we provide a stress-free experience from inception to move in. Our clients always come first because we know that the journey is as important as the destination.


As Custom Home Builders in Oakville, Stoneshore Group offers custom design, home construction, major renovation, and project management. We also enjoy the privilege of working with many of Oakville’s talented architects, bringing their designs to life. Our goal is to achieve a transparency that inspires confidence in everyone. The process begins with an initial meeting. We can meet you in your home, at our office, at the property you will be building your new home, or wherever you are most comfortable. During this meeting we will discuss your goals, budget, timeline, expectations, and ultimately how to make all these things work for you.


Stoneshore Group is a multi-generational family owned and run company. Peter and Terri Marit created Stoneshore Group over 20 years ago in Oakville, the town where they grew up, met, married, and raised their children. Over a lifetime in construction Peter evolved from tradesman to realtor, to vice president of one of the largest new home builders in Canada, to president of Stoneshore Group. Along the way he acquired a vast body of knowledge allowing him and Terri to build over 100 one-of-a-kind luxury family homes.


We at Stoneshore Group rely on our team of excellent and qualified trades to provide superior craftsmanship for our clients' homes. Building trust with the people that work with us, and the people we work for, is paramount. Each step of the process is closely monitored to ensure that our clients are delighted with the end product. The first step is simple, contact us.



We believe that home is where the family is. As a family run business, we understand how important the home we are building for you is -


• You’ve spent years dreaming about it.

• You will nurture and grow your family there.

• It will be the place where you seek refuge from the world.

• It will represent you to all who see it.


We feel the same way.

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